Individual Coaching

The basis of one-to-one coaching is to provide a non-judgemental space to enable open and honest conversation. We will work together to determine your exact goals and prepare an action plan to reach them. Whether you are dealing with time and stress management issues, having trouble with being productive or feeling like you need support through a career change, we can work together to discuss and figure out the right path for you.

Please remember, you are the only one responsible for managing your life and career. But if you need support along the way, I’d be honoured to be a part of your journey by listening to your professional needs, goals and worries, and asking the right questions that will offer you different perspectives.

Don’t wait for a crisis to force you to change; be proactive and plan your personal and professional goals in advance.

The content and scope of our coaching sessions depend on your personal needs and goals. Please reach out to me to book a first session where we discuss the coaching process and your expectations.

Corporate Coaching

and Trainings



Program 3


This training is for companies and teams looking to achieve their goals of increasing productivity and performance by using practical time and stress management techniques, mindfulness, and effective prioritization.


Growth mindset, effective communication and networking skills are essential in starting and growing a new company. This training gives valuable insight on the business strategies and soft skills needed for any team wishing to cultivate an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.


Building good habits and breaking unhealthy ones help our overall motivation and performance in the long run. This interactive training focuses on how to be more effective and motivated in life through managing daily habits and creating simple routines in personal and professional life.

Module 1

Setting the scene for success

Module 2

Effective time management

Module 3

Techniques to overcome stress and anxiety

Module 4

Practical tips to increase productivity

Module 1

Cultivating a growth mindset

Module 2

Networking as a long-term investment

Module 3

Analysing, adapting and acquiring key soft skills

Module 4

Effective self-marketing

Module 1

7 key habits of successful business professionals

Module 2

5 bad habits holding you back from success

Module 3

Effective ways to build and change habits

Module 4

Practical tips on creating a successful routine

The content and duration of these trainings depend on the specific needs and goals of the company. Upon request, it is possible to devise a shorter or longer program around these themes, and to add group exercises or workshops on effective communication techniques, mindfulness, breathing techniques or creating a successful routine. Please reach out to me for more information on my corporate offers.

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