Professional Coaching

it’s all about doing the things you think you can’t.

As a certified professional coach specialized in stress management and productivity, I would love to work with you, to help you find joy and self-confidence by building healthy habits.

Stay Organized

Create daily and weekly routines to save energy by eliminating decision fatigue

Save Time

Work smarter, not harder, by effective prioritization and less procrastination


Determine the right goal and action plan that fits your vision of success

How I Can Help

Professional coaching consists of deep and personal discussions in which your personal development and goals are the primary objective. We will work closely together to decide on your objectives, and set out a concrete action plan while understanding and overcoming the challenges you face.

During the process, I will be listening carefully not only to what you’re saying, but also how you say it. This includes your body language as well as your emotional vocabulary when referring to certain situations in your life. In between our sessions, I will send you additional resources, further reading from books or articles, as well as exercises that will help you translate the new insights into action. 

As a professional coach, I have decided to get specialized in stress management and productivity, because I strongly believe that these two issues have a deep impact on the rest of our lives. How we manage our day to day tasks, energy levels and overall morale reflect on how well we advance in our personal and professional relationships, as well as our goals and ambitions.

Stress management

Find new relaxation techniques

Learn to say “no”

Reframe problems

Prioritize your values

Adjust expectations

Develop positive self-talk

Reassess your priorities


Find meaning in what you do

Prioritize your tasks

Batch similar tasks

Redefine urgency

Outsource when possible

Make fewer decisions

Rest and recharge

Building habits

Break big habits into chunks

Ensure consistency

Tiny gains leading to big results

Sustainability is the key

Embrace routines

Plan for failure

Tie/anchor habits

5 Reasons to Work with a Professional Coach

You will have a professional to hear your challenges without judgement, and then help you make effective choices

You will learn to improve your productivity and time management skills by establishing stronger boundaries

You will learn better ways to deal with difficult people and situations in a constructive manner

You will learn to cultivate a sense of balance, gratitude and grace in your life

You will take better care of yourself and make self-care a higher priority

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