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How long does a coaching session last?

Our coaching sessions would typically last around 1 hour. During the first session, I would ask you several questions about yourself, your background and your daily life, in order to better understand the context. Once we determine your specific goal at the end of the first session, we would then dedicate our following sessions on getting deeper on your values, beliefs and limits, and setting up an action plan to achieve your objective.

How many sessions of coaching would I need?

This depends on your personal situation and goals, but we generally aim for 8-10 sessions for a specific goal, where we book sessions once a week. One of the most important things for me is to give you the necessary tools and motivation so that you feel strong enough to continue your journey on your own afterwards, because you cannot truly achieve your goals by being dependent on someone else, even if it’s a professional. Of course this doesn’t mean that we cannot work together after these 8-10 sessions, but we would rather reassess where we are, and if you feel like you need to keep working on other goals we would reorient ourselves accordingly.

How and where do sessions take place?

We can do our sessions either face-to-face in my practice in Boncelles (Liege), or online through any video application such as Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp. We can also do our sessions through the phone when necessary, but I strongly believe that facial contact is very beneficial for a healthy communication during coaching. I also provide full support in between sessions, so you can always reach out to me by phone or email, to ask any questions or share important developments.

In which languages can we have our sessions?

I speak English, French and Turkish, so we can have the sessions in any of these languages according to your preference.

Who can benefit from coaching?

I work with men and women of every age group, who wish to manage their stress levels, become more productive, work and live more efficiently, and build a healthy lifestyle through healthy habits. I also run workshops for groups about practical tips and techniques for productivity in your daily lives as well in a professional context. If you feel lost about your goals, don’t seem to be able to find time for anything on a daily basis, feel anxious or stressed about how to take action for your wellbeing, then coaching would be a great place to start to get some guidance on setting up a clear action plan to reach their potential. I also work with teams and companies, to determine their obstacles and set up a realistic actionable plan in their line of business.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

It is very important to note that coaches are not trained to diagnose or treat mental health conditions, so a coaching session cannot replace psychotherapy. While therapy focuses on mental health and is not necessarily limited in time and scope, coaching focuses on achieving specific personal or professional goals in a limited time. On a practical level, coaching can help in setting realistic goals, replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones, creating a work/life balance, finding and building motivation, unblocking limits and reframing thoughts. It’s important to note that just like in therapy, all coaching sessions would be strictly confidential.

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